Saki Ogasawara, a young voice actress for Itsuki Kendo in My Hero Academia, has confirmed with a series of public posts that she will return to play the 1-B student in the fifth season of the anime, which will be released on March 27th. The girl had been operated on for tongue cancer in May 2019and is finally ready to go back to work.

"N.In May 2019, doctors removed my tongue, a muscle nearly six inches long"wrote the voice actress a few hours ago"but luckily i can still work as a seiyuu. I am very happy that you found cancer so early. Some may be surprised at what I'm about to say, but I'm fine. Thinking back to how I was before isn't easy, but I've had time to think and am grateful to be still here".

Saki Ogasawara had the first symptoms in the winter of 2019 and carried out the first tests in the following months. Fortunately, doctors found the cancer to be in the first stage, but the muscle still had to be removed to safely remove it. In September 2019, the voice actress described the operation as a success and confirmed that she would be back to work soon. In season 5, in just over a month, We will see her again in the role of the great Itsuki Kendo.

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