The attack of the giants 4 puts the protagonists of the past seasons in a completely different situation than the audience was used to. Eren's new look highlights the many changes that affect the characters. Let's see it together.

After discovering the existence of a completely unknown world beyond the walls, fans will witness the in season four tragic events Participation of the protagonists, residents of the island of Paradis and their enemies belonging to the Marley nation. Willy Tybur's declaration of war becomes an opportunity for Eren take the form of a giant and seize the power of the titanium hammer, resulting in a massacre in the Liberian camp. With the help of his companions in the Recognition Army, the boy manages to escape and take a look completely new side of yourself for which we wondered if the protagonist of Attack of the Giants 4 had become a villain.

The changes the protagonist is involved in in the next few episodes are also highlighted by a new design. In the pictures at the end of this message, Eren appears with the longs Hair tied and wear a black dress. The young man's gaze has also changed significantly much colder how was his demeanor in previous episodes.

What do you think of this change in the protagonist's appearance? Leave us a comment.

Finally, I am reporting on a sketch by Levi from MAPPA to thank the audience of The Attack of the Giants 4.

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