A PIECE Chapter 1000 is approaching and on the occasion Weekly Shonen Jump has confirmed the release of two special chapters dedicated to the series, both included in the double issue that arrives on January 4th. One of them will be a side story with all the main characters from Shonen Jump, Luffy, Tanjiro, Deku and Asta included.

No further details on this chapter have been released yet, but we know that The mini adventure takes place in the world of ONE PIECE and that Luffy and his companions will team up with the main heroes currently featured on the weekly Shueisha series in a crossover worthy of the Infinity War. Demon Slayer finished his run last May, but Tanjiro Kamado should still be part of the protagonist team.

The second chapter instead marks the return of Shokugeki no Sanji, the Sanji Vinsmoke spin-off created by the writers of Food Wars. The first one-shot is from July 2018, and now the two authors are working again to celebrate the historic milestone of their friend and colleague Eiichiro Oda.

ONE PIECE has just published chapter 998 and will distribute the next issue on December 20th on MangaPlus as well. Shonen Jump will then pause for a week, and on January 4, 2021, Chapter 1000 will be published in the double edition of the weekly newspaper.

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