Netflix is ​​now determined to focus on the world of anime and has announced the production of a live action based on one of Japan’s most influential works. Gundam mobile suit. Apparently, however, the streaming giant made an “unforgivable” mistake for fans.

2021 will be a rush year for Mobile Suit Gundam fans. The Gundam director explained War on films of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Demon Slayer, and in addition to the live action mentioned above, two new animated films will be released, one of which will revisit the original story.

However, to get more community attention, the live action is in partnership with Netflix. However, the streaming platform made a huge typo in funding for this and other upcoming projects has caught the attention of the web, enough to go viral.

A picture was shared on the Netflix Geeked Twitter page with all new “Geek” projects added to the Netflix catalog. There is one among them mysterious gundum, also known as Mobile Suit Gundam. The mistake certainly did not go unnoticed, so that the site later had to correct the game with the word game “Gundammit”, which we could translate as “Gundannation”.

What do you think of this funny oversight? Nothing on the web can be left to chance! Meanwhile, the legendary Gundam RX-78-2 is defending planet earth in these solid gold statues.

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