The new saga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the "space-time war arc," led Goku to wake up in the parallel universe created by Fu, a mysterious place where the most powerful characters in the franchise were imprisoned. However, there is also a disturbing figure among them, the Masked Saiyan.

In the first episode of this new arc, we saw Goku coming attacked by Freeza and Coola, both in gold form. Hearts intervened to return the Saiyan to a situation of numerical parity, who has apparently switched sides to counter Fu.

He later appeared on the battlefield crazy Broly The legendary Saiyan, who indiscriminately defeated the other four fights, was turned away by a mysterious figure, the warrior in black. On the parallel earth created by Fu, however, there is another antagonist, whose identity has remained so far hidden.

As expected by Twitter user DBSChronicles, behind the Masked Saiyan hides none other than Goku Black, a very powerful antagonist of Dragon Ball Super. Super Saiyan Rose seems to be in great shape again. Apparently the mask he is wearing has greatly increased his combat strength. Will it be possible this time to eliminate the hated Goku?

Meanwhile, Vegeta has finally returned home in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Let's find out where it is. The battle of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes breaks out with a devastating comeback.

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