My Hero Academia 362's sensational cliffhanger leaves the community in suspense: this time, the end seems to have really come for this character. fans of the Kohei Horikohsi manga series You are already mourning his death, but does the young hero still have a chance to survive?

After escaping the grip of Tomura Shigaraki thanks to the intervention of the Yuei Big Three, Katsuki Bakugo launches the attack again when even his senpai's strongest attack is repelled.

Dynamight, seriously injured after the first round with Shigaraki, wakes up his quirk, which now produces glycerol not only from the palms of the hands but also from the rest of the body. While initially managing to dodge some hits and fight at eye level, it's not enough.

If young Kacchan All For One's face is reminiscent of his nemesis, the second holdover from One For All, the The villain stops playing and attacks to kill. The intervention of those present does not stop the symbol of fear, which hits Bakugo straight to the heart.

In My Hero Academia 362, the end seems to have come for Bakugo, which we are slowly seeing fading away. When the sky starts to cry the heart of the young hero stops beating. But did Kohei Horikoshi really kill the most popular protagonist in his work?

According to some fairly popular theories, utilizing his new power, Bakugo could generate a few before wiping himself out completely Micro-explosions that get his heart beating again. Other hypotheses concern the One For All, with whom Bakugo appears to have a still-mysterious connection. If Kacchan was really connected to the second lane, would One For All save him from certain death? To find out what will happen, we just have to wait for the upcoming release of My Hero Academia 363.

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