The publication of the volume Tankobon by ONE PIECE is eagerly awaited by all fans of the series also because of the SBS, extra pages where the author Eiichiro Oda jokingly answers fans' questions. We discover an important revelation made in this column.

The forthcoming Japanese release of the Tankobon number 104 from ONE PIECE it will lead to a new wave of SBS, some of which have already been leaked online. In the SBS of ONE PIECE Volume 104 we are told the true story of Kid's Pirates, but not only.

Among the contents of fundamental importance for the narrative we also find a Update on the CP0, the most powerful espionage organization led by the world government. The veil of mystery surrounding the members of Cipher Pol is now a little less dense as Master Oda reveals the identities of the group's masked members.

Besides those who were agents of the CP9 in the past, Lucci and his Hattori, Kaku, Blueno, Califa and Spandam, we also find Stussy and some masked members. We now know i names of four of them, namely Guernica, Maha, Gismoda and Joseph. However, the first two of this group have already died.

Previously, it was wrongly assumed that Guernica was Joseph. However, these SBS from ONE PIECE 104 clear up the community's fallacy. In addition, it is believed that in reality Guernica survived Kaido's attack.

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