In Black Clover 341, the truth about Yami Sukehiro's past was revealed. Before arriving in the Clover Kingdom, the Black Bull's captain slaughtered his own clan. In disbelief, Asta fights with Ichika Yami to defend his mentor. A In the land of the sun, however, a new threat looms..

The Black Clover manga moves at incredible speed, with the final story arc putting your foot on the gas pedal. In fact, a new one begins in Black Clover 342 Auction potentially deadly fight.

Angry at having remembered the past, Ichika Yami launches an attack on her hated older brother's student. Until the official release on MangaPlus, the Black Clover chapter 343 spoilers. Titled "Clash of Black on Black", Ichika will attack Asta at full power, who will activate the Devil Union to defend himself.

Ichika's yojutsu proves ineffective against Asta's antimagic, causing her even more frustration. Accused of never being able to become a magic emperor, Asta prepares to use the Zettes. At this point, the fight ends with Ryuya's intervention. The Shogun warns both that i Enemies have arrived in the land of the sun. Sister Lily and two paladins of Lucius Zogratis appear on the battlefield.

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