The anime of ONE PIECE slowly progresses with the implementation of Eiichiro Oda's manga, a question that is however dictated by the needs of a weekly production that at the same time must not get too close to the paper counterpart to avoid adding full episodes.

Unfortunately, however, in connection with the Christmas holidays TOEI animation she had to review program schedules with the television stations. In fact, the anime will be on hiatus for three weeks and then come back with the Episode #1046 on January 7, 2023. In any case, the waiting could still benefit the team, which in this way can continue to improve the technical area of ​​ONE PIECE, especially due to the next episodes, which will be titled according to the following programming:

  • Episode 1044: Coupling! A demon incarnate, Robin!;
  • Episode 1045: Cursed! Kidd and Zoro's looming threat!"
  • Recap the December 25 episode;
  • Break on January 1, 2023;
  • Episode 1046: A high-risk fight! Both wings enter the field!"

With the characters involved in the next few episodes, expectations become very high, especially in the episode where the anime will return Protagonists of Sanji and Zoro. And I mean, what are your expectations for the upcoming episodes? As usual, let us know with a comment in the reserved space below.

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