We are approaching the highlights of the Wano saga in ONE PIECE, the same ones that made headlines on the paper front for weeks. TOEI Animation, the study dedicated to bringing the manga to the small screen, seems to have announced a big surprise for tomorrow.

The next installments of ONE PIECE look really interesting, but it seems that the animation studio is in charge of adapting the masterpiece Eiichiro Oda have much bigger plans. Some time ago there were discussions about the possibility that the quality of the anime could continue to improve, maybe promise that TOEI wants to keep the day going with a surprise announcement tomorrow.

One has actually appeared in the last few hours Advertising poster with Luffy from behindwhich almost looks like a sketch, accompanied by tomorrow's date and the writing 'SOON'. We don't know the type of announcement the study anticipates, but we'll discuss a few scenarios ranging from ONE PIECE: RED Blu-ray release date for a new animated film. However, according to someone, it could be a filler saga or a longer special following the episode that made Luffy and Sanji's clash the protagonist. More likely, after the sculptor's name Michael Lau written in lowercase, it could be a collaboration, the details of which are unknown.

We'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out the magnitude of this mysterious announcement. And you instead, what do you expect? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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