The hiatus in Eiichiro Oda's manga has allowed fans to take a moment to breathe and delve more deeply into the details brought into play in the manga's final chapters. In ONE PIECE 1004 came a key to victory against the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, led by Kaido, but also the possibility of a new battle.

After Black captures Maria Sanji, who cannot fight women, she tries to lure Nico Robin into a trap so that she can be captured alive on Kaido's orders. The archaeologist is in danger first spoiler from ONE PIECE 1005 reveal what his fate will be.

  • The Chapter 1005 of ONE PIECE is entitled "Demonic Girl";;
  • Black Maria tells Sanji to call Nico Robin;
  • People who have the sheet of paper with their eyes can exchange images and sounds.
  • Sanji is defeated by Black Maria as he does not try to defend himself.
  • Sanji yells "Save me Robin! I'm a prisoner! I'm on the third floor!";
  • We see the reaction of various characters to Sanji's request for help from those who have the piece of paper in their eyes;
  • Nami complains about the situation, saying that her rival is a woman.
  • Robin attacks Black Maria with a huge hand;
  • Brook saves Sanji by freezing Black Maria's web.
  • Robin: Thanks for trusting me, Sanji!
  • The animals with the sheet of paper are Kaido spies, but they are not real animals, they are cyborgs;
  • THE Kaido's subordinates track down Yamato;;
  • Jack is about to kill the red scabbards.
  • Black Maria versus Nico Robin and Brook at the end of the chapter.

ONE PIECE will not be missing next week. What do you think of the first progress?

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