The anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations has shown in the last few episodes the return of Ao, the brave ninja of the village of fog, who took an active part in the fourth world war of the ninja, but has revealed himself to be a member of the Kara organization. Team 7 then banded together to counter it, which resulted in an intense fight.

The last episode ended with the unexpected arrival on the battlefield of Kashin Koji, also a member of Kara, who immediately takes action against Boruto and his companions. Koji immediately gets Konohamaru in trouble, the only one who manages to get rid of the sealing technique used by Kashin, but who quickly deals with the Rasengan and takes everyone by surprise. Konohamaru manages to absorb the blow but is exhausted in front of a much superior opponent.

This is where it comes in Boruto, using the power of the Karma brand, manages to break free from the blockand to activate the entire service of the same brand. The transformation, the video of which you can find below, amazes Kashin Koji, who immediately recognizes the container chosen by Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Unfortunately for Boruto, this particular form requires activation a great waste of energy that makes him fall unconscious to the ground. What do you think of the debut of this long awaited transformation? Let us know with a comment below.

Remember, the Boruto and Kawaki meeting was featured in the anime, and we'll let you find out why Ao became a member of Kara.

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