In the first days of March 2022, the official deck of cards will be released together with the essential information about the next film in the franchise ONE PIECE. A novelty that has caught the attention of many fans and finally some of the rules that will define the game have also been revealed, let's see them together.

Each deck of the ONE PIECE card game is characterized by the presence of a captain or leader and 50 cards, which can be of type Character, Event, and Location. Each captain has a certain amount of life, for example both Luffy and Kaido have 5 life points. The goal of the player is Reduce Captain's Health to 0 used by the opponent. It was also specified that each card to be played requires a certain number of Don, which refers to one of the onomatopoeic sounds present in the manga.

Each turn, players add two dons to the specific don area and can spend them to send characters, increase characters' power, or activate special abilities described on the cards. Of course you can during your turn attack and defend, if the target card is able to, and the card with the highest total power wins. In short, ONE PIECE Card Game appears for the time being as an interesting hybrid of the system used in two hugely popular card games: Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG.

Finally, remember that Luffy was featured in the new Jump Victory Carnival poster, and we'll leave you with the details of Kaido's past.

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