Marvel Comics has shown that it is particularly willing to collaborate with some famous mangaka to also enter the Japanese comics market and among the recent announcements is undoubtedly the most interesting Secret backSeries signed by Kazuki Takahashi, original author of the famous franchise Yu-Gi-Oh!

As previously confirmed by giants Marvel Comics and Shueisha June 14, 2022 the first paper volume of the work will be released after being published exclusively in digital form and to promote the publication of this special collaboration Namely mediawho will be distributing the series in the US shared the amazing promotional video which you can find at the top of the news.

The two brilliant protagonists are immediately introduced, namely Peter Parker and Tony Stark Spiderman and Ironman, who have to deal with Reijiro Kaioh, the CEO of a company that manufactures card games and is known worldwide, during a congress. The experience, creativity and style that have always characterized Takahashi's work therefore return in a new guise, even far-reaching Include two of the House of Ideas' most iconic superheroes. Let us know what you think of this special series in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the previews of the books that will be free during this year's Free Comic Book Day and an amazing Wanda Maximoff cosplay.

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