My hero academy is a manga and anime focused on the world of superheroes and has little to do with sports. In fact, it was just an April Fool's Day episode of My Hero Academia in which the protagonists became part of Hero League Baseball, a parody of one of Japan's professional leagues. And yet there was a grain of truth in it.

Before Season 6, Studio Bones will attempt to produce two special episodes. My Hero Academia returns to cinemas with two OVA, i.e. two special episodes, which are scheduled to be shown in summer 2022. What do we know about this special episode? Surprisingly, it is announced on Weekly Shonen Jump that it is My Hero Academia special focuses on baseball. In practice, Studio Bones' April Fool's joke is surprisingly true.

As can be seen in the key visual below, ie young protagonists are divided into two teams. The first is the blue and will see Gang Orca as the captain, the second is the orange team with Shishido leading everyone instead. Some students of the Yuei were also brought in, such as third-year Tamaki Amajiki, Makoto Ojiro, Minoru Mineta, and others, who were also joined by heroes of great importance such as Fat Gum and Mount Lady.

THAT Two OVA episodes of My Hero Academia will also be offered in the rest of the world in streaming, before the start of Season 6. The first will be available in Japanese cinemas from June 16-19, 2022.

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