there Saga of Wano marked a turning point for the anime ONE PIECE. The care with which TOEI Animation has produced this narrative arc is impressive. What's more surprising, however, is the fact that the series improves episode by episode. Episode 1049 of ONE PIECE makes you scream at the wonder.

If ONE PIECE 1048 had made headlines for Vincent Chansard's brilliant animation, the next, number 1049 in the series, surpassed all expectations. ONE PIECE 1049 is quiet in some of its situations comparable to the best Japanese animation films. What is surprising is the fact that ONE PIECE is a weekly anime series and therefore requires very tight production times.

Although discussions of ONE PIECE's special effects are always heated, with a section of the public noting how TOEI animation so exaggerates that Luffy and his companions almost look like Dragon Ball characters due to their auras, The anime really sets new standards.

What makes one scream for a miracle is above all the scene that we find at the end of the article. While Yamato gathers the last of his energy to deal one final blow to Kaido, Luffy returns to Onigashima on the pink dragon Momonosuke. This synchronized attack also marks the return of the Gear Fourth Snakeman, absent since Whole Cake Island. The scene in question was created by Akihiro Ota, a TOEI veteran who also previously worked on ONE PIECE: Film Stampede.

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