Bulma grows a lot over the course of Dragon Ball as well as all other characters. Unlike many mangakas who decide to crystallize their story and prepare at most one or two time jumps of a few years, Akira Toriyama has decided to set his saga over a period of practically thirty years.

This is how everyone grows up, from the protagonist Goku to his first traveling companion, known at the beginning of the Pilaf saga. And just to remember them, FYE shows the public a Funko POP is dedicated to the Bulma Bunny versiona tribute to a costume that was briefly worn but earned the sympathy of Dragon Ball's male audience.

Bulma is an important character in the Dragon Ball universe and this character pays homage to her fans who love strong and independent female characters. It's also a great opportunity for new fans of the series to have a memento of this beloved character and the basis of Akira Toriyama's work.

FYE describes it this way: β€œThat Funko Pop! Dragonball Bulma in bunny costume is the perfect addition to any Dragon Ball fan's collection. This limited edition figure features Bulma in her iconic bunny costume with an adorable and detailed design that brings this much-loved character to life.

Ultimately the new Funko Pop by Bulma in bunny version is a must have for any Dragon Ball fan or those who like collectible figures from this series. And don't forget the Bulma Rabbit cosplays that are populating the internet either.

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