ONE PIECE: It’s Zoro’s birthday, here’s the bizarre reaction from Sanji’s voice actor

Often times, when there's a big fandom for a manga, a writer makes sure to give their characters a birth date so fans can celebrate those they like. And today November 11th is the Birthday of Roronoa Zoro, one of the protagonists of ONE PIECE. As usual, the author chose a specific date like 11/11.

There were many on the net Homages to the swordsman from ONE PIECEAnd obviously the best wishes also came from the Japanese voice actor Kazuya Nakai, who had a photo taken with a dedication. Zoro's voice has been in this role for over 21 years and will see it through to the end. But there is also someone who has decided not to celebrate Zoro's birthday and who is connected to the great rival Sanji.

The voice actor Hiroaki Hirata, who was always the voice of Sanji, decided to show up with a billboard, as did the voice of Zoro. Besides that, as you can see below, his honors were very special. Or, to put it better, there really weren't any: Hirata had her picture taken with a completely blank billboard and a very annoyed expression.

Obviously, the choice is weird as the two voice actors have been colleagues for years and often joked about their characters' rivalry, as happened on the occasion of the recent reunion of Zoro and Sanji in the anime ONE PIECE.

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