The world of fairy tale it is full of special elements. There are the classic wizards who can use elemental powers, those who can enhance their bodies, those who can use ancient and sensational magics like dragon slayers and godslayers. And then there are the star keys based on the different constellations that are there.

there The pre-eminent spirit sorceress we know of in Fairy Tail is Lucy Heartfilia, then the series co-star. Alongside Natsu, she will complete various missions that will expose her to other treasures and characters, and thus new keys. So he gradually adds more golden keys to his arsenal - those of the twelve constellations of the zodiac and thus the strongest there is.

In the beginning, however, he had very few. One he used the most in the beginning is this Key of Aquarius, which made it possible to evoke a beautiful siren-like woman with long blue hair and a very special character. She was very strong and therefore uncontrollable, at least in the early stages.

Here, too, the power of the water unfolds Cosplay of Aquarius from Fairy Tail, as seen in Mayveda's recording here. This Aries cosplay stems from the same situation, while this Lucy Heartfilia cosplay masters them.

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