Kaido is not scratchable, Kaido is the strongest living being in the world, nobody can kill Kaido, not even himself. We have heard these claims countless times in ONE PIECE, practically since the emperor's introduction in Eiichiro Oda's manga. However, something went wrong in the last few chapters.

A PIECE 987 showed the result of the attack Nine red sheaths. Men who were loyal to Oden Kozuki and his son Momonosuke pounced on Kaido with their swords drawn and tried to attack him. When the group falls onto the square below, Kinemon and the others do everything they can to try to pierce the emperor's thick skin.

Kaido doesn't expect it and suddenly notices it The attacks hit causing him injuries. The stronger being therefore seems to have weak points, which also remind of the moment when Oden attacked him and caused him a noticeable scar on the right side of his body. Kinemon and the other sheaths did not inflict serious wounds, but their attack will breath new life into their efforts and most importantly allows Luffy to find an opening when it is his turn to face the emperor.

What will happen in ONE PIECE 988 after the emperor is transformed into a dragon?

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