Crunchyroll tries to revolutionize the world of anime and recently reached an agreement with some studios to open up the world Production of animated adjustments based on Webtoon, digital comics published on the Korean website of the same name. Today the official website has stated 5 works that deserve an adaptation.

Crunchyroll's selection includes relatively new works such as Love advice from the Great Duke of Hell, Purple hyacinth, Lookism, let's play and one of the portal's most famous comics, which is widely talked about unusual. The latter has often been referred to as an anime adaptation, and recently some rumors seem to have increased the chances of seeing the series on the small screen.

Obviously there are a lot of webtoons out there that deserve an adaptation, and Crunchyroll recently managed to promote the production of some of the most treasured works of all, such as: God's tower, God of high school is noblesse. However, there are only eight Crunchyroll Originals. Given that the website has already confirmed that a second series of adjustments will be released in 2021, this request could also be an opportunity to test the water and discover fan preferences.

Even if it's not a Webtoon, the animated series most requested by users is certainly it Leveling only, a Korean comic that it seems could soon get some much-needed adaptation. Another major work, Sweet Home, has received an adaptation (live-action or animated) instead, produced well in advance by Netflix.

What do you think about it? What work would you like to see animated? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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