The attack of the giants: everything we know about Zeke from the anime

Since debuting in the third season ofAttack of the giants Zeke Jaeger's character has established himself as one of the most important figures in the work of Hajime Isayama. With the final season's upcoming debut slated for December 7th, we've decided to analyze everything that has emerged from him in the anime.

First of all it must be stated that Zeke is the owner of the giant animalwhat he creates perfectly. Next, it should highlight the blood bond Zeke has with the protagonist of the series, Eren. The two are in fact half-brothers, sons of the same father, Grisha, who tried to shape Zeke's mind by getting him to follow his beliefs and ideologies.

Zeke therefore tried to keep Eren away from this possible influence, also thanks to the intervention of his group, the warriors. Zeke's mother was Dina Fritz, the first wife of Grischa, who was transformed into the giant after Zeke's escape, who will devour Eren's mother in the first episode and who is killed by Eren's mother in a moment of anger. In contrast to the other giants Zeke can keep control of his own mind After the transformation, it is not only possible to think clearly, but also to speak and give orders to the subordinate giants. It is also capable of throwing very heavy objects with impressive accuracy. Just think of the struggle to recapture Wall Maria.

Zeke, who first appeared as the Giant Beast in episode 26, will only debut in the human version in episode 37 and show how he's capable of it to separate consciously and through his will from the giant. We later see him in episode 47, in which he refuses to bring Annie Leonhart back despite Reiner and Berthold's request. They say that they can only help her after they find the giant ancestor and inform the two boys of his plan. an ambush on the representatives of the army who are in Shiganshinato take Eren.

The attack is successful and after bloody scenes of destruction and death we experience one of the most intense clashes in the series: Levi Hackerman versus the giant animal. The captain can easily take out his opponent, and he could have given him the coup de grace had it not been for the giant chariot. During the escape, Zeke meets Eren for the first time, introduces himself directly as his stepbrother and tells him that he wants to save him.

Now a little over a month is missing for the return of the Attack of the Giants with the fourth season, created by Studio MAPPA. So what do you expect from a character who is so well characterized and mysterious at the same time? Let us know with a comment below.

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