Until recently, almost nothing was known about the revival of Devil Fruit. Eiichiro Oda had explained little to nothing about this extremely important feature of this article ONE PIECEto then decide to deepen everything from the Dressrosa saga onwards when Donquijote Doflamingo showed his true power.

While previously Doflamingo could only use the threads of its fruit from within its own body, upon awakening it could also use it from surrounding objects. In fact, the main characteristic of an awakening is having a powerful effect on those around you and on other people as well. Still, there are some very special fruits that have appeared in ONE PIECE that raise some questions. For example the Jewelry Bonney's Devil Fruit is awakened?

The name of its fruit is not yet known, but since the saga of the Sabaody Archipelago it has shown that it is not short of skill. the Bonney's fruits allow her to change her own age, to go from child to old woman, but also to change so much that she can draw her strength from other futures. However, as was shown almost immediately, Bonney can also vary the ages of people and objects in the environment, albeit with limited effect.

This leads to some considerations. If a devil fruit like Bonney's can affect other people too, then it is possible that it is an already awakened fruit. In fact, the main power should only be the variation of Bonney's age and not that of others - albeit temporarily - or objects. If this were not the case, the question would be, "What would Bonney's fruit awakening look like?" who has no answer for now. And in your opinion? What is the true nature of this fruit?

It's not the only theory that focuses on the woman, considering that Bonney is believed by many to be a clone.

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