In the meantime, the digital area is more and more present in everyone's life, which is also reflected in the entertainment area. It's practice now Watch anime on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more, and this applies not only to the western world, but also to the Japanese. Besides TV programs, they also watch anime online.

The Japanese can also enjoy their animes on TV, still the preferred way to watch them, but now they also have Netflix along with other streaming services that are becoming increasingly important. Because of this, the numbers are increasing and it is interesting to look at all the available rankings to understand the phenomenon.

here are the Top 20 Most Streamed Anime in Japantaking into account all the opinions given on the different websites and platforms:

  1. Spy x family;
  2. Demon Slayer - Kimetsu no Yaiba;
  4. Detective Conan;
  5. The attack of the giants;
  6. Kingdom;
  7. chainsaw man;
  8. jujutsu kaisen;
  9. gundams;
  10. My Hero Academy;
  11. Doraemon;
  12. Usama ranking;
  13. crayon Shin-chan;
  14. Dragon Ball;
  15. Pokemon;
  16. Jojo's bizarre adventure;
  17. Haikyuu;
  18. gintama;
  19. Neon Genesis Gospel;
  20. Golden Kamuy;

It is immediately noticeable when you look at the data, lo and behold Superpower by Spy x Family ranks first in the overall rankings, which, after establishing itself on both Netflix and other services, has garnered 6.5 million views. Demon Slayer's second spot is a long way off with just 3.9 million views, and from there it goes back 631,000 views to Golden Kamuy, twentieth and last on this list.

In addition to the new acquaintances made in the course of 2022, there are also long-running hits or projects that have not even been broadcast with an episode this year. And what are the best anime of 2022 according to My Anime List?

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