A few days ago volume 97 of ONE PIECE was published in comics and newspaper kiosks. The Tankobon version of the very popular manga by Eiichiro Oda consists of a new piece and is getting closer and closer to the 100th release, which will really be epoch-making. On the cover we saw three of the band's protagonists in the foreground Luffy, Law and Kidd.

Immediately above, however, Oda gives way to a group of characters that were finally introduced in the last few chapters. We're talking about Tobi Roppo, a group of six pirates consisting of X-Drake, Sasaki, Who's Who, Ulti, Page One, and Black Maria. The information about them was given to a minimal extent by the SBS of ONE PIECE Volume 97.

But apparently the information in the mangaka is insufficient. Fans dug and one in particular found one Connection between Sasaki and an old ONE PIECE character, appeared during the Water Seven and Enies lobby saga. Kokoro was a mermaid of the ice fish type, very old but with a light green hair color and slightly rounded, sharp teeth. Many of These properties can also be seen in Sasaki Thanks to the cover of ONE PIECE 97 it has its official colors, that is a very fair complexion and green hair very similar to Kokoro's.

That could mean that too Sasaki is an ice fish type fish person. Will Oda give us this hint later in the manga or will it remain a simple fan guess? Below is a picture with this comparison.

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