After the arrival of Beastars on NetflixThe name of the manga and its author Paru Itagaki has started to circulate among fans. This has put a lot of prominence to the comic book published in Akita Shoten's Weekly Shonen Champion several years ago. However, for the past few months the author has confirmed the imminent death of Beastars.

After the first announcements in January, Beastars Volume 20 came in early August. Right now The work is preparing for the debut of their volume number 21, scheduled for October 8th, but a pretty clear announcement was made in Akita Shoten's home magazine.

With Chapter 192 of Beastars, which also received the first color pages of the magazine, it was announced that "only three chapters are over". Although the end of the manga is not explicitly mentioned, one can understand such a clear sentence and only that after the various announcements of the last few months Beastars will end very soon.

When he doesn't take breaks Beastars will end in Chapter 196 scheduled for Weekly Shonen Champion # 45 on October 8th, the same date the Tankobon will be released in Japanese comics and newspaper kiosks. Given this information, Beastars Volume 22 could be the last.

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