The series of My hero academia is characterized by deeply dramatic moments and comical interludes, or with a lighter and more playful atmosphere, and this was what we saw at the Yuei High School Sports Festival, where many of the female characters played the role of Chees

That of course also included Momo Yayorozu, one of the most skillful and intelligent students who immediately managed to conquer fans of Kohei Horikoshi's work. This event is very important to get known and although Momo could not prove her skills with the Creation Quirk, she still wanted to instill confidence and courage in her companions.

To pay homage to this special outfit, the user @taliverse shared the pictures on Instagram, which you can find in the post at the bottom of the page where they are displayed his personal take on Momo dressed as a cheerleaderwith a pretty loyal cosplay.

In the current Paranormal Liberation War arc, Yayorozu has played a pivotal role in trying to somehow slow down Gigantomachy's destructive rage. In fact, he tried to join the other heroes and throw sedatives into the opponent's huge jaw, hoping to stop once and for all one of the most powerful weapons of the Union of Villain.

Recall that Overhaul has great female cosplay too, and we leave you to the great fanart of the mecha dedicated to All Might.

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Can you recognize my dog ​​in the second picture? 🐶 • Are you looking for a photo with me perro en la segunda? 🐶 • First of all, I would like to thank my friend from the bottom of my heart for bringing this cosplay from my wish-list. 🥺❤️ I am so grateful that there are so many wonderful people around me. I can't thank you enough for the support, you are amazing 💗 I am so happy that you like what I do 🥺 ♥ ️. • Primero que nada quiero agradecer desde el fondo de mi corazón a la persona que me Regalo este cosplay de mi wish list, soy muy bendecida de tener gente tan maravillosa, no puedo estar mucho mas agradecida de todo el apoyo que me dan son ingenious todxs ❤️ Y mas contenta no puedo estar que les gusta lo que hago 🥺 ♥ ️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #seemycosplay # womenofcosplay #mangacosplay #womenwhocosplay # sidebysidecosplay #bnhacosplay #yaomomo #momocosplay #bnhacosplayer #mexicancosplayer #mhacosplay #cosplayphotography #cosplaygirl #girlswhocosplay

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