the Hunter x Hunter breaks They are a well-known element of manga publishing. In Japan, the publishing history of Yoshihiro Togashi is well known, with many production problems since his debut Yu degli Spectra was discontinued due to the author's constant physical and mental ailments. And the same goes for Hunter x Hunter.

Especially in recent years, the mangaka has been preparing Cycles of ten chapters proposed Weekly Shonen Jump, which she published about once a year. The most recent cycle of chapters has been no exception, always ten and all published in the magazine between October and December. Chapter 401 of Hunter x Hunter is not yet known when it will be released, but everything is in question based on the latest statements from the author, who seems to be thinking of a completely different way of release than in the past.

So let's try to do something Hypothesis about the return of Hunter x Hunter manga after these statements. Thanks to the words of the assistants, we know that Togashi has already written the chapters up to 430, but only up to 403 are they drafted and therefore ready to become manuscripts. Togashi's health prevents him from always being active, but the desire to propose a different type of publication and change working methods, increasing the burden on the more willing assistants, could soon lead to a return to the manga.

In fact, it wouldn't be odd to end with three or four chapters of Hunter x Hunter to be released in 2023. Of course, this does not mean that the manga will progress faster, on the contrary, because at the moment Togashi's Twitter account is completely inactive, unlike between mid and late 2022. Awaiting Shueisha to say more about the new publishing genre, and considering Knowing that there are already three chapters ready for transformation, readers can look forward to some plot advances before long. As of today it is like that it's possible Hunter x Hunter will return with at least one chapter in mid-2023. However, it remains only to wait for an official statement from the author and publisher, and only then will we really know more.

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