It was 1999 when Fuji TV first aired that October's episode ONE PIECE With that began Luffy's adventure and dream of becoming the pirate king. Many generations of fans have followed since then, but only one person really stayed with the protagonist or his voice actress for 22 years.

Luffy's voice actress is an icon of the world of dubbing, a face known throughout the industry thanks to his role in the anime of ONE PIECE. We often hear about her and her incredible adventures in Japan. Just think of her funny experience in a three-star restaurant where she played with the guests of the restaurant Luffy.

Today Mayumi Tanaka is therefore 66 years old, 1/3 of which, exactly 22 years, were spent in the dubbing room to give the most ambitious pirate of the epic of his iconic voice Eiichiro Oda. In fact, she herself fears that she will not survive until the finale of ONE PIECE, as the fate of the work still seems uncertain despite the various statements made by the sensei in the last period. In any case, we can only wish the famous voice actress from Luffy as well as from Krillin in the Dragon Ball, many years of honorable service, in the hope that his extraordinary voice will accompany other generations of enthusiasts around the world.

Instead, what do you think of your role in ONE PIECE? Can we define it as an icon of the world of synchronization? Let us know with a comment below.

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