Character design is an important factor and needs to be specific to the protagonists of an anime or manga so that they stand out from the background crowd. But sometimes you go overboard and get designs that stand out, but sometimes too much. We have it seen happening in Yu-Gi-Oh but also in many other works.

The Goo Ranking website has gathered its users to choose the ten characters with the strangest and weirdest hair in the world of manga and anime. The poll has 1700 voters and the ranking sees these 10 characters:

  1. Beatrice - Re: Zero - Start life in another world
  2. Grevil de Blois - Gosick
  3. Ran Mori - Detective Conan
  4. Sazae Fuguta - Sazae-san
  5. Kimio Nagasawa - Chibi Maruko-chan
  6. Mother - Atashin'Chi
  7. Suneo Honekawa - Doraemon
  8. Yugi Muto - Yu-Gi-Oh!
  9. Kazuhiko Hanawa - Chibi Maruko-chan
  10. Wakame Isono - Sazae-san

As expected, Yu-Gi-Oh's Yugi Muto is in the charts with her edgy purple, black, and blonde hair. This design is so special that it has now gone down in history, even if there are some fans who have tried to imagine Yugi Muto with normal hair. But further up there are characters like Ran Mori from Detective Conan, while these are all Dragon Ball characters.

However, the characters of Yu-Gi-Oh are reproducible in real life, as we saw with the young dark mage cosplay.

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