Among the numerous series related to X-Men recently published Marauders generate some interest. However, it seems that fans of the group of villain protagonists will soon have to greet one of its members. Here because.

The comic has caught on thanks to its political intrigue and the attention of fans Character growthand of course also at a certain dose. Marauders # 17, in particular, became the protagonist of several key revelations.

The first pages are available Storm The mutant sits on a cliff and is soon accompanied by him Callisto, his former rival and current friend, whom he turns to by saying that he has already given her an answer to a question we learned this way that the two of them have already addressed her. The blindfolded woman later asks her if she has already warned Emma and Kate about hers Departure.

In this way we become aware of the identity of the character who will soon leave the team of protagonists. Surely it's Emma Frost, as speculated by Storm himself already aware of his decisionThanks to her own strength that enables her to read minds. However, we cannot yet know how the story told by will continue Gerry DugganThe mutant, capable of manipulating atmospheric agents, seemed to be a fundamental element of the group, and without it it will be necessary to find a suitable replacement.

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Finally, I remember a character from the X-Men Marauders series losing an eye recently, and I share news regarding the announcement of a new X-Men comic featuring Nightcrawler.

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