Wano is finally free from the tyranny of Orochi and Emperor Kaido. The Onigashima War ended, and in Chapter 1051 of ONE PIECE The new era of the Land of Wa officially began, led by the new, young Shogun. But does he have what it takes to be the leader Wano needs?

The appearance of Kozuki Momonosuke with his new design in front of the survivors of the conflict and the words with which he ushered in the bright future of the nation gave hope to everyone who listened to him. However, some enthusiasts are wondering if Momo really depends on the title you get.

Although he is therefore still and technically a child, Momonosuke can count on experienced and capable people who years ago supported the values ​​of his father Oden, the legendary samurai who also traveled alongside Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger and have passed on.

THE sacrifice and responsibility showing Momo that he can handle it quickly certainly makes him more mature than his peers, and learning from the likes of Luffy and Kin’emon could put him on a path to success.

After years of torture, torture and inhumane conditions in which they had to live, the residents of Wano have enthusiastically welcomed the newcomer’s plans Herald of Peace. A fundamental and crucial event that certainly paved the way for Kozuki Momonosuke’s shogunate, which according to what Oda said as the omniscient narrator in the final tables of the chapter, will become one of the greatest and most famous in the history of Wano.

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