Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime that is not very long and does not have a large group of characters. In fact, the intimate story of Hideaki Anno revolves around a few characters and their doubts, struggles and pains in a world that, amidst catastrophes and superhuman beings, will not allow humanity to thrive and proliferate.

In one of those little human outposts that is the central location for the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion operates the NERV, an organization that puts some technologies into practice by allowing children to fight on the Evangelions, the colossal robots capable of saving humanity. The NERV is a paramilitary organization, so it also has characters within it that are capable of using weapons and protecting themselves from other types of attacks, not angelic ones.

Here's why Misato Katsuragi Cosplay draws her weapon and is ready to use it. Cosplayer Bobeczek pulled out of her closet the red jumpsuit and black dress of the woman who took on the task of tutoring young Shinji and Asuka. With purple hair, she looks around for threats. An excellent rendition of the NERV soldier who also appears in casual wear in this other Misato cosplay instead.

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