The wooded area north of Tokyo that inspired director Hayao Miyazaki years ago to produce one of Studio Ghibli's most acclaimed films, My neighbor Totoro Thanks to the direct intervention of the local administration and the director himself, it will undergo several changes from the near future.

It's a project born with a purpose protect about 7000 trees in the city of Tokorozawa. With an investment of 2.6 billion yen, about 18.3 million euros will be allocated for the procedures to make the area a fully protected green space. The idea of ​​protecting this place was born by Miyazaki, who, in 2018, was walking with the Mayor of the city, Masato Fujimotospoke about the importance it had to the creative process behind Totoro.

“Totoro brought this scenario to life. That's important to me, that's why I live nearby." In the past, Miyazaki has invested first-hand to preserve damaged and manicured green spaces, and this time through the initiative Totoro next door strives for a great result.

The initiative, also supported by the local administration, was made possible thanks to crowdfunding and consists of the sale of five reproductions of the backgrounds and landscapes used in Il Mio Vicino Totoro. From September 2022 it will be possible Buy the artwork at a price of 25,000 yen per piece, about 175 euros. Only 1000 pieces will be available, all sold with a wooden frame.

Finally, remember that the official gachapons of My Neighbor Totoro have been presented and we leave you to rank the 10 Studio Ghibli movie houses where fans would live.

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