The anime of ONE PIECE has been subject to severe criticism from the community for years, also thanks to the enormous reach of Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece, which over time has built a following of millions of fans among readers and viewers. However, the Wano Saga has also fallen victim to some negative opinions.

The new funds provided by TOEI animation for the anime staff for the Wano saga certainly highlighted a not indifferent graphic improvement, dictated both by the new style and by a more optimized calendar of works. However, for some, the technical area has actually become too much compared to before, with too many visual and particle effects, which has caused some confusion in the community. This is exactly why TOEI revealed a few weeks ago that they want to reduce the specials in the ONE PIECE anime.

Another criticism of the TV adaptation, however, concerns the narrative of the episodes, which often exaggerate certain scenes of the manga. For example, at the end of the news, a fan reduced the Sequence of Luffy's Elephant Gun vs. Kaido, more than twice the length of the original counterpart to make it more faithful to the manga. A lot of visual effects are missing, only cut to optimize the final rendering of the scene.

However, many of these staff additions also serve to push the ONE PIECE manga forward, as the television series would risk reaching the paper counterpart if the anime transposed one chapter per episode, with attendant quality issues.

And on the other hand, does the TOEI Animation adaptation of the manga bother you or does it still seem satisfactory to you overall? Tell us what you think about it with a comment below.

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