The light novel market is becoming increasingly prolific in Japan, so some of these titles have spawned real internet phenomena, including Sword Art Online, Goblin Slayer, and Overlord. But the authors of these last two titles are about to embark on a new adventure: Blade & Bastard - Warm Ashes, Dusky Dungeon.

Kumo Kagyuthe screenwriter of Goblin Slayer, is working on several projects in parallel, including Moscow 2160, a manga that will appear in Square Enix's monthly Big Gangan. Furthermore, the author is also the mastermind behind β€œBlade & Bastard – Warm Ash, Dusky Dungeon”, a new original light novel about which little and nothing is known yet.

We only know the release date of the title in question, with the first volume expected Debut in Japan on December 9thnamely the name of the designer who will be collaborating with Kagyu so amthe same behind the illustrations of overlord. This is an ambitious project that you can see through a preview at the end of the news thanks to the colored cover made for the first volume of the novel.

We don't know if this collaboration will produce a new bestseller after Overlord, but we'll keep you posted while we wait for more news.

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