Last year, ONE PIECE revealed many things to his readers. Eiichiro Oda really went to great lengths by dropping bombs that left everyone in awe. Starting off there was Luffy's Gear Fifth, which is nothing more than the awakening of his devil fruit, but not what we always thought we knew.

Then came the landing at Egghead, then the knowledge of Vegapunk, a climatic crash in the seas, and now also the new strength of Rob Lucci, which is almost entirely based on it awakening his devil fruit. However, the leopard raises other questions about this trait that some owners of the fruit have. Few have awakened the devil fruit in ONE PIECE while the situation has changed a lot lately.

As Artur - Library of Ohara points out, a fan of the manga who is very attentive and publishes his analyzes on Twitter on time, everyone who awakens their own Devil Fruit Zoo Zoo exudes a kind of nebulous and flaming aura on their shoulders. However, this item is not only owned by Luffy and Lucci, but also by Yamato and Kaido. As can be seen clearly in the images shared below, when fighting Kaido, Yamato appears to have this trait, with a stream of frozen mist flowing between his shoulders.

The same could be said of Kaido, who doesn't show him in hybrid form but in his dragon form. And just because of one power he used, namely the one to move Onigashima, one might think so Kaido has an awakened devil fruitwho managed to apply a cloud of fire not only to himself, but also to a nearby object, which is usually characteristic of an awakening.

That's why, Yamato has an awakened devil fruit? And the same goes for Kaido? Of course, we just have to wait for official confirmations from Eiichiro Oda, which could arrive in the next chapters or from the various Vivre Card databooks.

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