Although no shonen that special nature of One-Punch Man made it one of the most popular manga of the last decade. Even though One-Punch Man's popularity has waned compared to its early days and compared to the period that the first animated series was released, the fact remains that the work still remains on the crest of the wave.

Since Saitama was introduced today, One-Punch Man has presented many narrative strands that have propelled the story and introduce the bald guy to the world of superheroes and all the threats they face. There's still a lot to talk about given the ONE webcomics sequel, but let's see Situation of the sagas of One-Punch Man: How many are there and how many chapters do they cover?

An infographic created by Ekaji and published on Reddit comes in handy: as you can see below, the image is very long and most of the story of One-Punch Man was devoted to the saga of the union of monsters, at least for Now. Much of the content of the second season of the anime is based precisely on these chapters, which for the time being has stopped at the adaptation of chapter 85 of the manga. You are fine at the moment fifteen storylines in One-Punch Man, except for the one that has just started and still has no exact name. The current 176 chapters are mostly divided into particularly short arcs, as can be seen from the graphic.

This scheme will help to understand how much material can actually be adapted into One-Punch Man Season 3, which should complete the monster association arc. It is currently unknown how many episodes Studio MAPPA will produce for the third phase of this anime, but the process started with the last few episodes will certainly continue.

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