Wandering the net it is not uncommon to come across fan art in which two or more series are mixed with each other, a crossover die that otherwise we would never have the chance to see. Very often we have shown you such illustrations and today we want to continue along this line and bring a fan drawing to your attention.

If there is one thing that one piece is Dragon Ball have in common, in addition to the type of belonging, is without a shadow of a doubt the great success that both have achieved and the great affection that fans they demonstrate every time who have the opportunity. Today's artist, ProfessorGemini, has demonstrated the truthfulness of what has just been said, creating and then publishing on Reddit, an artwork that combines elements of the world created by Oda with elements of the world created by Toriyama.

As you can see from the drawing at the bottom of the article, the subject, in case you have not recognized it, is Carrot in its form Sulong, a form that awakens when looking at the full moon. Well, ever since the One Piece paper work presented such a transformation of the mink, the fans did not waste in approaching it to the form Super Saiyan present in Dragon Ball or even in form Oozaru of the children of the planet Vegeta. It is by following a little this vision that Professor Gemini wanted to draw Carrot in full of its transformationwrapped in a amber aura and lightning bolts of energy static that surround his body.

We have to admit that the end result is really beautiful. What do you think about it?

We take this opportunity to remind you, in case you missed it, that Oda took a break from the release of One Piece, just as Sanji greets fans on Twitter showing himself during his quarantine.

Share your opinion on fan art with us below in the comments.

Super Sulong 3 from r / OnePiece

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