Among us is one of the games of the moment, a title that has gained immense popularity thanks to its formula for success. In addition, these bizarre characters have become the targets of numerous artists who have reinterpreted the astronauts of the multiplayer game in a variety of ways. Here in this regard as they would appear in keys ONE PIECE.

Someone had already bothered to reinterpret the characters of Among Us with the characteristics of Mugiwara, but none had gone that far kwekkwek, a Reddit user who tried to change the techniques the scammers use to kill their companions. In a fan animation of just over two minutes, which you can admire in the attachments at the end of the news, the artist envisioned the Mugiwara under the guise of astronauts killing their enemies with their characteristic techniques.

Let's see for example Zoro uses the three sword technique, Sanji with the Diable Jambe and so for all of the other iconic members of Luffy's crew, whose captain is instead portrayed as he unleashes his Gom Gom Gatling with the haki of armor. The video has gained considerable popularity within the dedicated community, with hundreds of comments asking for a modification to the game on their smartphone with the same specifics.

As for you, what do you think of this fun, fan-made animation that combines the characters from Among Us with the pirates from ONE PIECE? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

A piece among us from r / OnePiece

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