The first battle waged by the residents of Paradis Island and the Marleyans in The attack of the giants 4 has come to an end and the sad consequences are deepened in the new episode. But we also learn about the plan that caused the protagonists' actions.

After the defeat of the giant hammer and the result Escape of the reconnaissance army From the Liberio camp where the fighting took place, the Eldians returned to their home island in the company of an unexpected warrior whose betrayal, which took place in the anime The Giants' 4 attack, upset the lives of Gabi and Hawk.

It's about Zeke and it seems that he has been working with the Paradis soldiers for a number of years. Indeed, thanks to a retrospective, we learn from one Marley's volunteer army assembled by the holder of the giant beast's power with the aim of freeing the Eldians present on the island and within the mighty enemy nation.

Eren then senses it through a letter the brother's plan. Given a state armed with technologies and weapons far superior to those of the Scout Army, the priority would be Avoid conflictand for that you need a skill that can arouse fear: the so-called Roarwhich would make it possible to awaken the giants present within the walls. However, this power can only be used if the Found a giant, possessed by the protagonist, and a titan with royal blood flowing through his veins, as in the case of Zeke.

If you'd like more information, here's a recap of Episode 9 of The Giants' Attack 4.

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