The attack of the giants 4 It is now in its first half and has enjoyed tremendous public recognition around the world, if not without too much controversy. Currently, the anime has bypassed all of My Anime List's positions and even surpassed great works of Japanese animation.

Now in the second phase of last season, MAP study between criticism and ovation, he showed himself able to adapt the beginning of a great narrative arc very well, and even managed to highlight the characters' feelings within the usual dialogues that resulted from the brilliant mind of Hajime Iysama. However, one scene has so far particularly influenced the feelings of the fans: the Confrontation between Eren and Reiner and the subsequent declaration of war by the attacking giant.

EVO Studio wanted to pay homage to Eren's anger and his transformation into a magnificent figure who you can admire in all its glory at the end of the news. The figure in question is available in two versions with and without LED lights. The first costs around 520 euros, the second 370 euros. Ultimately, delivery is expected, provided no unforeseen events occur in the course of 2021.

And you, what do you think of the latest model from EVO Studio, do you like it? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the corresponding area at the end of the page.

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