JoJo's bizarre adventure is a manga that thanks to various properties can impress many fans. One of them is the famous poses of the characters in the work. So an artist drew some heads of state in precisely such positions.

The bizarre story of Hirohiko Araki was published on the Shonen Jump website in 1986. Since then, the Mangaka has told the adventures of Descendants of the Joestar family. The eighth series, Jojolion, has currently been running in Ultra Jump magazine for almost ten years and fans are waiting for the production of an anime for the sixth part.

While we wait for more details on the biggest JoJo Bizarre Adventure event, we have the chance to see some illustrations by artist Chancil, aka Candra Dwiyanto. The Indonesian designer represented some personalities at the top of various states in through a project called "World Leaders Getchancilized in Jojos Posen" Places from Arakis Manga.

As we can see in the pictures at the end of this message various leaders posing while the flag of their state flies behind them and reminds numerous characters of JoJo's bizarre adventure and their steadfastness.

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Finally, I report on the meeting that took place in the illustrations of a fan between Josuke and Giorno from JoJo's bizarre adventure.

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