With Ayashimon's graduation, Shueisha began a new cycle. On Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus, the Japanese publisher has launched a new series to replace the closed ones, including RuriDragonwhose first chapter can be read free of charge on the company's digital platform.

The new Masaoki Shindo manga series makes its official debut on MangaPlus. At the moment, Chapter 1: It has nothing to do with horns is only available in English, with a total of 57 pages, the first three in colour.

RuriDragon tells the “story of a young dragon girl who is lazy but does her best… and lazy again”. One morning Ruri wakes up like every day to go to school. However, as he brushes his teeth, he notices that two horns have appeared on his head. Not too concerned, she asks her mother what those horns are. The protagonist discovers that she is the daughter of a dragon.

No one seems afraid of horns at school, and indeed, Ruri becomes the queen of her class. Suddenly, during class, the girl sneezes: from her Mouth belches flames, just like a real dragon. The story of a girl, half human, half dragon, begins.

The numbers recorded by MangaPlus are constantly growing and this new debut will make its essential contribution by expanding a already remarkable catalogue. On the first day, RuriDragon has almost 100,000 readings.

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