The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will stay in history for several reasons, among which it is impossible not to mention the various tributes to anime and manga. Between a free body accompanied by a Demon Slayer song and a volleyball match with Haikyu's music !! Quotes were not missing, e.g. A few moments ago it was ONE PIECE's turn again.

After the great tribute to the Greek athlete Miltiadis Tentoglou, in fact the straw hat crew was quoted again by another athlete, Shot put world champion Payton Otterdahl, who imitated Franky's super pose during the final walk-in.

Otterdahl is an American athlete born in 1996 with a great future ahead of him and an equally great passion for ONE PIECE, the anime based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda. Just before the biggest start of his life the athlete decided to imitate Franky's iconic pose, indicting yourself for the finale with the scream of "Awesome!".

The athlete's performance was also praised by Eiichiro Oda and his staffwho even decided to thank their fans on Twitter. Otterdahl's cry also seems to have spurred his compatriots on, because at the end of the race the USA won gold and silver.

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