The debut of the new saga of Dragon Ball Super Immediately introduced the character who is likely to prove to be the new antagonist, the survivor of the destruction by the Saiyans and Lord Freeza, who responds to the Granolah name and has a deep attention to design and details, as Toyotaro attests.

In fact, in a recent interview, the artist wanted to deepen some aspects of the new narrative arc, also with reference to Granolah's connections: "Of course I want you to turn your attention to Granolah himself, but also to the group of brothers known as Heeters. Also, there is a bond with someone who will greatly surprise you when they are revealed. So watch out for him too!the mangaka then continued Focus on working out Granolah's original design.

"He's the last survivor of the Cerulans, which is why I pictured him with a lone bounty hunter. Although he's humanoid, I emphasized the physical differences he has from the Terrans. traditional clothing of his race, so I tried to give it a retro style too. It is difficult to get the best result with this particular monocle. I start by drawing both eyes and then adding the glasses. And when he looks in a certain direction, his eye is not visible and so his expression cannot be understood, so I have to pay attention to that manage the right perspective to show his emotions. "

What do you think of these details about Granolah? Do you expect a different enemy than usual? Let us know in the comments below. We also remember that a new dangerous adversary has been revealed, and we'll let you find out why Bardock could play an important role in the saga.

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