ONE PIECE is a very long manga and often there are more or less obvious references to past events that are initially considered harmless, but only acquire further meaning weeks, months or even years after their initial publication. Eiichiro Oda likes to make many of these, which will be duly discovered by avid manga readers.

Recently, there was Stussy's joke, which has come back into the limelight due to the woman's behavior in recent chapters, continuing the betrayal of the KP0 and the world government. But it seems that Oda was premeditated, at least in part Kidnapping of Nefertari Bibithe Princess of Alabasta.

To get an explanation You need to go back to Chapter 823 of ONE PIECE, published in Weekly Shonen Jump in the now distant April 2016, seven years ago. "What if a monstrous giant bird comes to kidnap you. Or what if a sniper has his sights on you?! What if a meteor falls on your head?!” Sentences that seemed harmless at the time, but now the first one has really come true. As recently discovered in Chapter 1074 of ONE PIECE, Nefertari Bibi is with Morgans of the world economy, with the journalist manipulating the news in the presence of the Princess of Alabasta.

Although there is talk of a kidnapping, in reality Morgan's Bibi seems to have helped, the fact remains that the princess is still missing for the time being to the public. Her story will certainly be told later, but in the meantime Oda seems to have once again enjoyed anticipating events for his readers.

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