Chapter 997 of ONE PIECE and one enthusiast used the new close-up of Black Maria to give the character a color that is similar to the color of the animated transposition. Let's see the picture.

The Onigashima war continues and among the many clashes we were able to observe the powerful technology of Zoro on the last pages of ONE PIECE. But while the swordsman faces new enemies, his partner and rival, Sanji, falls into the trap of a powerful enemy: it is the Tobiroppo with enormous properties, Black Maria.

He came while the boy was walking next to Luffy and Jinbe at the end of the previous chapter attracted by a voice. In one of the rooms of Kaido's palace, it appears that a woman is being molested and the gentleman of the Straw Hat crew cannot back off to help her, but soon discovers that he is witnessing one he plays specially staged to deceive him. The black leg, which is tied by what appears to be a spider web, is then brought in front of the Black Mary, from which we can observe a wonderful close-up.

This image inspired Twitter user Amanomoon_, who decided to recreate, in the style of Toei Animation, the moment when the woman looks delighted at Sanji, who seems to have no way out. The tweet in question is at the bottom of this article. For those who would like to know more about the girls in the manga by Eiichiro oda, I am reporting an article that deals with the age of Boa Hancock, the pirate empress of ONE PIECE.

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