Hayao Miyazaki's reaction to his son's first film, documented by a video that is still available online today, is very famous for showing the severity of the well-known director prior to Goro's film. A few years later he returns to the canvas with his new endeavor. Earwig and the witch.

Studio Ghibli would like to welcome this turbulent year 2020 with a new feature film that aims to give the company a new touch of originality. In a completely unexpected way, Earwig and the Witch will be a film shot entirely in CGI, abandoning the iconic style of a studio that wrote the history of anime around the world. But why did this sudden change of course happened after all the resentment of Hayao Miyazaki in terms of computer graphics? The question is answered directly by the son:

"Studio Ghibli was founded for Hayao Miyazaki. I knew that simply copying what he had done would only lead to copies with no future. So I decided to make an anime in computer graphics rather than live action."

Certainly a brave decision, but one that confirms all of our intentions Goro Miyazaki deviating from his father's works to illuminate something unique and unpublished for the Ghibli studio. Whether the move turns out to be risky or not, we'll know in a few weeks when the film will finally make its debut in Japan. And you, what do you think of this decision, do you agree with it? Let us know with a comment below.

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