The first episodes of Pokémon exploration showed Ash Ketchum's past, his growth coupled with a desire to become the best trainer in the world, then introduced the new co-star Goh, whose main goal is to conquer Mew, a legendary Pokémon that is soon to come the world will be the center of the coming episodes.

Since his first appearance in the film Mewtwo vs. Mew from 1998The mysterious monster has been the focus of numerous studies, mainly carried out by Giovanni from Team Rocket and the team of scientists from which the clone Mewtwo was created Increase in psychic powers and ability to communicate telepathically with peoplein contrast to Mew.

The announcement regarding Mew's next return in the anime was made via the online distribution of the titles of the next episodesas reported in the post at the bottom of the page. Episode 70, "Please! Get Morpeko!" will show the meeting of the two protagonists with the peculiar double-sided Pokémon that follows the trainer Mary in video games. It is not yet clear whether Goh will actually be able to play the legendary, but certainly episode 71 entitled "Let's go! Project Mew!"Scheduled for June 18, it will mark one of the series' most iconic moments.

We remind you that trading card sales have been temporarily suspended due to acts of violence, leaving you to a double cosplay dedicated to nurse Joy and policewoman Jenny.

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